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 Love our style? Are you potentially interested in commissioning us for a personal project? Or simply have a question? No problem! Just click on the  ROAR button below and it will forward you to our contact form page.

If you are going to inquire about a fursuit of your personal character, please have reference drawing ready. A 3 model view character sheet is not mandatory but it is a preference. Front and back views are most important. Examples of clean and rated G reference sheet can be seen below.

IMPORTANT: We do not make copyrighted characters. We only make exceptions if the commissioner gives Myfurcreations creative freedom to alter the character ‘s original design to fit their style.

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   Since every order is custom made, all quotes will be different. Pricing is determined on the complexity of your characters design. Remember, every detail on your character counts.

  For most commissions, we require a non-refundable deposit to reserve a spot on our commission queue. Head only orders require a 50% deposit . Partials or fullsuits orders require a minimum of 30%. The deposit amount will be determined after the final pricing of the commission has been generated.

 If you decide to cancel your order before your construction date, Myfurcreations will not under no circumstances reimburse your money. Deposits are non-refundable.

All final payments are due 1 month prior to the predetermined completion date. If the commissioner cannot pay within the month given to them, they must contact Myfurcreations about the situation. We will work something out with you, but the commission will be pushed down the list and the commission will be completed at a later date. Late or interest charges may apply.

  Before any payment arrangements are made, Myfurcreations will send a sales and agreement contract to the commissioner. This contract will contain all important details and information about the commission. Once the commissioner has read all the terms and agrees to them,  Myfurcreations will  make payment arrangement with the commissioner.

  Shipping costs are determined by what you order and your location. MyFurCreations accepts international orders, but international customers are responsible for all customs/duty charges.

  MyFurCreations accepts PayPal, Bank transfers, Swift/ transfer wise

  MyFurCreations reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

 You must be 18yrs or older to commission a fursuit from Myfurcreations.