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Toony eyes

Currently Myfurcreations most popular style. This expression is recommended for performers with high amounts of energy and that are greatly animated in costume.. Heads start at 1300.00USD+

Heads - Built on a balaclava base which provides excellent ventilation and a comfortable fit.

Bodysuits - All major parts are machine sewn for flexibility and durability. Markings such as spots or stripes are usually hand sewn for a cleaner finish. Neck cuff is also lined for comfort ability and a cleaner finish.

Hand paws - Our hand paws are mostly machine stitched for durability. Cuffs are also lined to add a cleaner finish. Deluxe handpaws are partially lined with lycra for stuffing.

Feet paws - Footpaws are built over canvas shoes in a custom size for a nice comfortable fit. Boot is lined with lycra and cuffs are also lined for a cleaner finish. Machine sewn, lightweight and durable.

 Tails - Our tails are machine sewn and stuffed with polyfill fibers. Belt loop attachment is made out of nylon straps for durability and security.